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Question No - 1

You may not have heard the words freshman fifteen before, but they are very important for students who are entering college. A freshman is a first-year college student. And the fifteen refers to fifteen pounds-the fifteen pounds (about seven kilograms) of weight many American students will gain in their first year at college. There are a few reasons why first-year college students often gain weight. The most common reason is that many college students just don't eat right. However, it's encouraging to know that it's really quite easy for students to avoid gaining those fifteen pounds. 🦊College kitchens serve many kinds of food. New students often gain weight because they are choosing to eat a lot of unhealthy food. especially when their parents are not around to advise them on what they should eat. Some students may also buy snacks to eat while they are studying. The average college student often stays up late at night, so he or she might eat a lot of fast food and drink a lot of soda because these things are easy to get at night. Furthermore, college students often have less time for walking, running, and doing sports because they are busy with their schoolwork or other college activities. However, if you're careful, you can avoid gaining the freshman fifteen. Here are some ideas for staying healthy at college: Eat only when you are hungry, not when you're bored. Fill half of your plate with vegetables. • Don't eat desserts that are full of sugar; have some fruit after dinner instead. Try not to eat while you study, or keep healthy snacks like baby carrots nearby. Always eat at the dinner table and never in front of the TV or the computer. ⚫ Choose water over sugary drinks. • Try to get out of your room regularly for some fresh air and exercise. Remember that the freshman fifteen can happen to anyone. Make a deal with your friends to try and eat healthy food together. Walking, running, and playing sports is always more fun with friends, too. Help each other eat right and stay fit, and you can have a happy and healthy freshman year. 1) In your opinion, which of the following ideas the writer agrees with?

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Question No - 2

2)The writer in this passage wants to......

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Question No - 3

3)The opposite of the underlined word "encouraging" is

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Question No - 4

4)Which of the following summarises the second paragraph?🦊

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Question No - 5

5)According to the passage.......... .

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Question No - 6

6)The freshman fifteen refers to................

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Question No - 7

7)Give a synonym to Furthermore….

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Question No - 8

8)It's advisable to eat when you are..........only.

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