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Question No - 1

Golf is a club-and-ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit into a series of holes in a course in as few strokes as possible. Golf unlike, most ball games, cannot and doesn't utilize a standard playing area. The game at the usual level is played on a course with an arranged progression of 18 holes through recreational courses that can be smaller, often having nine holes. Tiger Woods started playing golf when he was two years old. Now, he is one of the most famous professional golfers in the world. Tiger is from the United States. His father is African-American and his mother is Thai. His real name is Eldrick, but everyone knows him as Tiger, the nickname his father gave him. He started playing golf professionally in 1996, and won all four of the World Golf Championships before he turned 25. He holds the record as the youngest player ever to win all four of these championships. Although he has played on many great golf courses, one of Tiger's favorite places to play is Pebble Beach. Tiger became a role model at an early age. People look up to him, so he is very grateful. Because many people helped Tiger as a child, he wants to lend a hand to others now. Some people cannot play golf because of their ethnicity, while others do not have enough money. Occasionally, Tiger himself was prevented from playing golf. Because of this, he created the Tiger Woods Foundation to help make golf open to everyone. He likes to see diversity on the golf course, and he wants all children to play golf if they want to. Tiger is happy that many children now want to play golf because of him. 1)The best title for this passage is "................"

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Question No - 2

2)What does the expression "lend a hand to others" in the third paragraph mean?

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Question No - 3

3)One of the places Tiger likes to play in is.......... .

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Question No - 4

4)What does Tiger woods Foundation try doing?

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Question No - 5

5)According to the passage, people cannot play golf for two reasons. Which of the following are these reasons?

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Question No - 6

6)After reading the passage, we can notice that Tiger's mother came from ............

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Question No - 7

7)The underlined collocation "holds the record" means to

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Question No - 8

8)The main idea of the first paragraph is............ .

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