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Question No - 1

3 Many parents need help to deal with their children's naughty behaviour at home. The first positive discipline technique is for parents to remain calm because nervous parents do not get good results. Parents who cannot often remain calm find that their children stop taking any notice of them. The second challenge is to know how to correct bad behaviour in an effective way. For instance, punishing children by preventing (🦊them) from watching their favourite TV programme is not an ideal solution. Parents should establish clear rules for children to follow. If children refuse to follow these, they know they will be disciplined. The most effective way of encouraging good behaviour is to give positive feedback as often as possible, to show that it is not only naughtiness that attracts attention. As you think about how to discipline your child, it's important to remember that the word discipline is rooted in meanings of learning and teaching. The best way to discipline your child is to help him/her make better choices. You can role play the behaviours, using a calm voice. Be encouraging when they make the right choices. Finally, you must know that discipline can help your child learn how to behave - as well as how not to behave. It works best when you have a warm and loving relationship with your child. 1)the article suggest that parents should be....... to get results for children.

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Question No - 2

2) according to the article, what is the best way to correct a children's bad behavior?

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Question No - 3

3) the word "technique " in the second sentence is similar in meaning to the word.....

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Question No - 4

4) The underlined pronoun "them" refers to........

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Question No - 5

5) The article suggests that in order to discipline children, parents first of all should.......

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Question No - 6

6) Instead of punishing children, parents should....

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Question No - 7

7) A suitable title to this passage would be.....

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Question No - 8

8) Find in the the passage a synonym to the word ( Ideal ) .

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