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Question No - 1

- Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d : Bringing up children is a complex process. The parents are the child's first educators. Every mistake they make in bringing up their children is a battle lost in the fight for a better future. Children should be armed with good qualities to become good citizens. During the first year a baby needs a lot of motherly care. He has to be fed, he eats often, and his food is usually different from the adults. For his spirit to grow normally, he needs someone to dote on him, to think that he is the most wonderful in the world, to make noises and baby talk to him, to hug him and smile at him and to keep his company during wakeful periods. In big families, children are not always given due care. A child is a liable to be neglected by the mother because she is either busy or has many other children to care for. The infant whose mother can't take care of him during the day time needs individual care whether it is in his own home or someone else's. It may be a relative, neighbor or a friend whom the other knows and has confidence in. If a new maid or a nurse is to come to the house, the mother should know her well before she leaves the baby in her care. Nearly all working mothers nowadays take their children to nurseries. Sometimes, the nursery is no good for them. The care there is mechanical rather than warmhearted. There is too much risk of epidemics of colds and other infected diseases . Choose the correct answer from a , b, c or d : 1. The main topic of the third paragraph is "…….

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Question No - 2

2. The main idea of this passage is ……

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Question No - 3

3. A baby learns more from ........ than from others .

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Question No - 4

4. According to the passage, big families don't always give …… their children.

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Question No - 5

5. The underlined word "he" refers to ……… .

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Question No - 6

6. The synonym of the underlined word "dote on" is .…….

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Question No - 7

7. According to the passage, is it useful to young children to have a working mother or not?

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Question No - 8

8. The expression "mechanical rather than warmhearted" in the last paragraph shows that ……..

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