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Question No - 1

Read the following passages and answer the questions. Last night I had a frightening dream should explain that just before I went to bed, I ate an apple. I mention that because my mother always told me that if I ate right before going to sleep, wouldn't sleep well and might even have a bad dream. But let me tell you about my dream. I found myself in what seemed to be familiar area outdoor, but couldn't remember ever having been there before-in my waking life, I mean. Maybe in some other dream I had been there and that might be why it seemed familiar. There were lots of huge trees and vines and greenery,) more or less like would imagine a jungle in Brazil to be. It was very humid but was dressed in winter. That made me even more uncomfortable and remember thinking that I should go home and change clothes. But where was home and how could I get there? I didn't know the answer to either question- nor did know how I ended up where was. It never occurred to me in a dream that I could remove the heavy winter coat, hat and gloves that was wearing.-(it just didn't seem to be an option) . In the dream I was all alone. No one was with me. Suddenly heard voices and saw some people who had been my classmates in high school. They were much older and looked quite different, but instinctively knew who they were. In the dream, I could even recall their names. There were four of them and they seemed very concerned for me. They were dressed in loose light colored clothing appropriate for this jungle, but my attire didn't attract their attention at all-nor did they mention anything about it being out of place. One of them approached me and I knew he was speaking for all of them. He said they had been sent to warn me not to eat the fruit from the tree in front of me nor to drink any of the water from the stream nearby. As he told me this, I realised that I had something in my hand. It was fruit from the very tree he was warning me about-and had already eaten more than half of it. Without him saying so, I knew that this fruit was poisonous and probably also the water from the stream. At that point awoke in a heavy sweat, having thrown off my covers. I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face to cool down a bit, then returned to bed. How strange, I thought, that an apple tree was growing in the midst of that jungle. 🦊1-what did the writer do just before he went to bed?.….….……

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Question No - 2

2)in his dream, where did writer find himself? He found himself in.………..…

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Question No - 3

3) According to paragraph (2), what did the writer feel that he wanted to do in the dream? He wanted to.………..…

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Question No - 4

4) which of the following is closest in meaning to the word (attire)

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Question No - 5

5) According to paragraph (3), until when did the writer think that he was alone in the jungle? He thought he was alone until he.….…...

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Question No - 6

6) what did his friends in the dream warn him? They warned him not to.……......….

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Question No - 7

7) what was his condition when he woke up? He woke up..…....….…:

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Question No - 8

8) what is the best title for this passage?-..…....…....…

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