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Question No - 1

It is an indisputable fact that the world has gone too far with the innovation of new technologies such as mobile phones, the internet and so on, due to which people are able to tour the universe virtually sitting at one place using their smart devices. Due to the easy access of smartphones, communication has been very effective and instant. People are able to convey their message all around the globe to their loved ones without spending large sums of money. Adults are always fond of such gadgets and they always welcome and adopt such new technology readily. Further, young people have been able to broaden their minds and improve their skills by doing research on the internet. For instance, they use smartphones to look up any new word they come across. As we know that most of the universities have online teaching provisions and smartphones assist the students to complete their assignments on time. The mobile phone has been a lifesaver for a lot of people in case of an emergency. Likewise, the use of smartphones can be of vital importance in preventing crimes in society by providing information to the security forces in time. Nonetheless, for the young, the use of mobile phones can be like an addiction and they can misuse it. Young people are also prone to getting involved in undesirable activities on the Internet. This might have an adverse effect on their academic performance. Therefore, young people should always be monitored and made aware of its bad outcomes. 1) The suitable title for the passage is ……

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Question No - 2

2) How can mobile phones be considered 'lifesavers'?

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Question No - 3

3) According to the passage, the much use of the mobile may lead to ……

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Question No - 4

4) Mobile internet can provide access to ………

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Question No - 5

5) The writer referred to "the world has gone too far" to make the point that ……

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Question No - 6

6) One demerit of mobile phones is that it can .……..

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Question No - 7

7) Youth can be kept away from the ill effects of mobile phones as …….

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Question No - 8

8) Which of the following statement is true?

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