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Question No - 1

Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer from a, b, cord : Jennifer was thinking in her room. She wanted a shelter there since false gossip about her began circulating at the academy last week. Not that Jennifer had ever been considered a social butterfly. She preferred to live indirectly through the stories of her more unashamed friends: late night celebrating, associating with girls, childish tricks. Still, she had taken to be more by herself than usual since the accusations surfaced and that thing made her 📍on thin ice📍. She was up for consideration for the highly popular Blauvelt Award, a scholarship recognizing "academic integrity and promise." 🦊A student had given headmaster Jack an anonymous "tip" that Jennifer had cheated on several tests. The accusations were laughable. Jennifer had long been a clever student at the academy. She lacked a natural intelligence- this was true. However, she compensated for this shortage through carefulness and insistence; she was very thorough in her studies and exhibited an almost relentless determination. Still, the accusations had given the recommendation committee pause. On Friday Jennifer had been called to Mr. Jack grand office, where she was asked copious questions about her recent exams. The experience was quite shocking. It was an elite school. Most of its students came from honored backgrounds. This was not the case for Jennifer. Her family had little money. She attended the school on a full scholarship. The Award would help her family pay for college. So, it was with the same diligence which she applied to her studies that Jennifer planned to reveal her accuser. 1. The suitable title of the passage is ....……..

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Question No - 2

2. The Academy was a school ………..

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Question No - 3

3. The best sentence that can summarize the second paragraph is that………….🦊

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Question No - 4

4. The award is important to Jennifer because it will…………

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Question No - 5

5. Being a student at the academy, Jennifer needs to…………….

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Question No - 6

6. If the students continue on accusing Jennifer of cheating, she will………….

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Question No - 7

7. Jennifer was different than many of her fellows as she……………..

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Question No - 8

8. The underlined phrase "📍on thin ice📍" implies that Jennifer was………….

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