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Question No - 1

In 1991, Charlie Chaplin, a penniless music-hall artist, left England for America. His future was uncertain, but he believed is couldn't be unhappier than his past. He had grown up in the slums of London. His mother's life was hard and got mad. His father died of drink. His parents hoped to be stars. Their son was determined to succeed where they had failed. By 1914 Chaplin was famous in America. He was the king of silent movies. How did he reach the top of the film world? He began to develop the character of the tramp that is connected with his name. He borrowed ideas from many sources. He used his bowler hat to signal secret messages and his walking stick allowed him to cause confusion and punish his enemy from a distance. He got the idea of his famous fat-footed walk from a London taxi driver who had sore feet. Inside the tramp's clothes, the audience saw a human being who was poor, but dreamt of being rich. The audience would be moved by this, but before they had time to reach for their handkerchiefs, Charlie's feet would get in the way and make them laugh instead. Charlie was the master of mime and as an acrobat, he used to perform dangerous stunts. In 1919, he performed his film and want to write about his experiences. In "The kid" Chaplin remembered his fear and unhappiness when separated from his mother. On a visit to Britain, the American government refused to give him re-entry visa and he stayed in Switzerland. Aged 86, he went to Buckingham to be knighted by the queen. 1- According to the passage Charlie Chaplin was...........

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Question No - 2

Compare between the American government and the British government.

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Question No - 3

If Charlie hadn't travelled to America, he...........

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Question No - 4

Infer what would have happened if Charlie Chaplin had come from a rich family ?

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Question No - 5

How did Charlie Chaplin developed the idea of a tramp?

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Question No - 6

The best sentence that can summarize the first paragraph is ...........

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Question No - 7

According to the passage, Charlie Chaplin became famous as an actor in America...........

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Question No - 8

The best subtitle for the passage...........

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