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Question No - 1

Read the following passage then choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d: The techniques employed by science fiction writers are meant to draw the reader into a world where exfraordinary events can occur and unexpected scenarios draw a striking comparison to events which mirror our everyday, real life experiences. So, good science fiction needs to stay within the limits of what may one day happen. At the same time, science fiction writers needs to stay away from the genre of fantasy paint a scenario which will never occur. Readers of science fiction expect to be exposed to a world different from our own, but in which certain physical rules and laws still apply. In addition, any plot as part of science fiction novel or story needs to mirror events which are familiar to many of us which may include the universal ideas of hope and loss. Association with real-life events helps the author maintain the suspension of disbelief without which, a science fiction story becomes unrealistic and in fact an insult to the science fiction community. A good science fiction novel needs four main things. The first is authenticity. Building a technologically advanced future world is one of the most thrilling and complicated parts of writing a sci-fi story. The second is complexity. Having an interesting story concept is important, yes. Constructing a unique world is important, absolutely. But if you want to create a masterful narrative that comes alive in your reader's mind, take time to build a complex, multi-layered world that is intricately involved in the characters experiences and the motions of the plot. The third is clarity. Go deeper, add definition, tease out hidden possibilities. The techniques which make clarity include brainstorming, journaling and interviewing your characters. The fourth is meaning. A story with a message lingers in the minds and hearts of readers.

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Question No - 2

1. What is the most complicated part of a science fiction novel?

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Question No - 3

2. Which of the following is the best to make events alive in the readers' mind?

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Question No - 4

3. What does it mean that a story should have meaning?

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Question No - 5

4. What does the underlined word "which" refer to?

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Question No - 6

5. According to the passage, readers of science fiction……………….

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Question No - 7

6. The plot in a science fictions story………………

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Question No - 8

7. A synonym for the underlined word "genre" is…………..

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Question No - 9

8. What do science fiction writers aim at?

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