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Question No - 1

Spending your free time on the Internet can be fun. You can chat, share photos with friends, and play online games. But some people are addicted to the Internet. They just can't turn( it )off. Being online for many hours at a time does not mean you have a problem. The Internet is very useful. Online, you can pay your bills, buy clothes, and read the news. There are many good reasons to spend time online. However, people with an Internet addiction are online too much. They don't spend time with their friends and family. Instead, they spend their time chatting with their Internet friends, people they have never met in real life. Some also play online games all day or night. Some people with Internet addictions even leave their jobs so they can spend even more time online! People with Internet addictions don't just go online to shop, have fun, or do work. People who have this problem often go online because they want to escape the stress and problems in their lives. Many internet addicts stop caring about their real lives, and focus only on their online lives. One way Internet addicts can get help is by using special software. This software controls how much time someone can spend online. It tells the computer to turn off the internet after a certain amount time. This helps people focus on real life. The software's goal is to teach people to use the Internet for good reasons and not just as an escape. 1. What is the main idea of the passage?

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Question No - 2

2. Which is not a problem for people with Internet addiction?

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Question No - 3

3. The underlined pronoun "It" refers to.………….

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Question No - 4

4. An Internet addict leads a life of……………

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Question No - 5

5. A person is most likely to become an Internet addict if……………

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Question No - 6

6. According to the passage, an internet addict is someone who…………

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Question No - 7

7. What does the article say about paying bills?

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Question No - 8

8. Which sentence of the following can best summarise the last paragraph?

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